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Moderator Program

The Society of Exchange Counselor’s Education Foundation supports state, regional and local marketing meeting through its “Visiting Moderator” program. This program offers “backstop” support for those organizations who wish to have The Society’s trained moderators assist with planning, organizing and conducting their Marketing Meeting.  Click to view S.E.C. Approved Moderators

The Education Foundation (EDF) offers to absorb any loss of having an SEC Moderator or Moderator Team help an organization conduct their Marketing Meeting providing the Foundation pre-approves the expenses eligible for calculating the profit and loss for the Marketing Meeting and the Moderator expenses eligible for reimbursement in the event the Marketing Meeting loses money.

The Education Foundation assistance begins early in the planning phase, drawing on The Society’s 50 years of experience with organizing successful Marketing Meetings. The assistance the Foundation typically provides includes suggestions concerning:

  1. Advertising and Marketing
  2. Venue selection
  3. Room layout
  4. Audio-visual support
  5. Meals and refreshments
  6. Producing the Marketing Meeting book
  7. Meeting organization including special segment formats
  8. Special forms used in support of the meeting
  9. The pros and cons of offering an education class in conjunction with the Marketing Meeting

The Education Foundation recommends one Moderator for a one day Marketing Meeting and two Moderators for Marketing Meetings lasting two or more days. To participate in the Education Foundation’s “backstop” program the organization sponsoring the Marketing meeting must cooperate with the Foundation in planning a budget for the meeting. Once a meeting budget has been agreed upon and approved by The Education Foundation the Marketing Meeting is eligible to receive “backstop” support from The Foundation. The Moderator expenses generally considered eligible for reimbursement in the event of a loss include:

  1. Travel
  2. Lodging
  3. Up to $50 per day per diem, depending on the market

Society of Exchange Counselors Moderators are volunteers who do not generally charge a fee for their moderating services.

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