Chester W. Allen, S.E.C.

chet allen, sec
Chet Allen graduated from Stanford with an economics degree and has spent much of his business career as a developer. His company, Greyhawk, Inc. is a general contracting firm and has developed residential subdivisions, apartment communities, office buildings and industrial buildings, mostly in California but as far away as Alaska. Chet has been involved in real estate transactions throughout the United States.

Chet Allen is also known as an educator. Developing Big Money Real Estate is taught all over the nation by Chet and his book The Guide to Becoming Real Estate Rich is available online at Other seminars that Allen has presented are Developing & Joint Venturing; Analyzing Investment Properties and Big Money Real Estate.

Other notable accomplishments are:

  1. SEC President 1982
  2. SEC Counselor of the Year 1980
  3. CCIM Designation

Chet Allen is the only winner of both of the nation’s two highest commercial real estate awards, the Most Creative Commercial-Investment Transaction and the Most Creative Exchange which involved 64 properties, 35 principals, 14 agents and 12 lenders.

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  1. Chet is truly a mentor and educator. Always willing to brainstorm and try new ideas. His enthusiasm for our industry is legendary and his willingness to share is monumental.

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