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Colby B. Sandlian, S.E.C., CCIM
Posted in Legends of the S.E.C. on 3 February 2012
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Colby B. Sandlian, S.E.C., CCIM, has developed a national reputation as a developer, educator, and originator of innovative formulas and ideas. He is specifically known for promoting the concepts of becoming one’s own best client by developing and instructing the widely popular course, “Broker Estate Building.” Sandlian is the founding member of Self Service Storage Association (SSSA), a national trade organization establishing national standards of operation and management training. He has received many significant awards including a lifetime achievement award from the Kansas CCIM Chapter and Wichita State University for his contributions to the real estate industry.

Robert W. “Bob” Steele, S.E.C.
Posted in Legends of the S.E.C. on 2 February 2012
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Robert W. (Bob) Steele, S.E.C. has practiced real estate and taught creative real estate classes in many places around the world. He was Co-Founder of the Orange Coast Exchangors and an inductee into the Exchangors Hall of Fame. Steele has authored numerous books and articles including the classic “100 Ways to Make Real Estate Deals Without Using Cash.”

Clifford P. Weaver, S.E.C.
Posted in Legends of the S.E.C. on 1 February 2012
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Cliff Weaver was known as an innovative individual who gave many seminars and classes throughout the United States. Born in Wisconsin, he graduated from the Harvard School, a military school in North Hollywood, California. He then graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.