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Roy Moore, S.E.C.
Posted in Legends of the S.E.C. on 5 February 2012
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Roy gained life experience for the real estate arena by growing up and working on sheep and cattle ranches in Wyoming. Stepped into the real estate market in 1959 by purchasing a 10,000 acre ranch with $1,000 down and learned from my first real estate mistake when the ranch was sold the following fall.

Richard Reno
Posted in Featured Legend of the S.E.C. on 28 August 2008
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In the 1950’s, Richard Reno, founder of the Society of Exchange Counselors, observed that if people exchanged real estate it could solve many of the real estate circumstances existing in San Diego’s overbuilt market. He saw exchanging as an alternative to the unavailable cash buyer. He believed that people who owned real estate did not necessarily want to totally divest themselves of real estate ownership, but were uncomfortable in the circumstances surrounding their current ownership. In effect, the problem was not with the property, but with the people who owned it. In his opinion, there was no bad real estate, only inappropriate or untimely ownership. This premise led Mr. Reno to an idea that resulted in the modern real estate exchange (equity marketing) business we enjoy today.

Welcome to the S.E.C. Education Foundation
Posted in Welcome on 14 July 2008
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The S.E.C. Education Foundation is an IRC 501(c) 3 not for profit affiliate of the Society of Exchange Counselors. Founded in 1961, The Society has been the real estate industry‚Äôs leader in the field of equity marketing and creative real estate for over 50 years. Our operating philosophy is based upon the premise that “Real […]